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The automotive and mobility sector is rapidly evolving. Stay on top of the most important developments.


From cybersecurity to talent development, OVIN’s reports provide thought-provoking insights into the various advancements, opportunities and challenges facing the automotive and mobility industry today.


With OVIN’s webinars, you’ll hear from many of the leading experts in the automotive and mobility sector.

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Ontario-based SMEs are developing many of the leading-edge technologies that will shape the future. Get the inside track on what these businesses and their partners are creating.

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Ontario is committed to transforming the auto sector by building electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles. It is the site of North America’s first international cross-border AV drive, and is the first province in Canada to allow on-road testing of C/AVs.

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New to advanced automotive and smart mobility technologies? We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions.