OVIN Technology Pilot Zones

Transforming the Landscape of Urban and Cross-Border Mobility

The path to Canada’s zero-emissions future starts with addressing the biggest challenges facing the movement of people and goods. OVIN is driving this future by establishing piloting environments—real-world sites where next-generation, cleaner, and more efficient automotive and mobility innovation can be tested and piloted.

Urban Mobility

Located in Toronto, this Technology Pilot Zone focuses on addressing urban mobility challenges in Canada’s largest metropolitan areas, such as road congestion, dated infrastructure, rapid urbanization, accessibility, and more. Ontario SMEs can integrate connected, autonomous, and electric vehicle technologies and other innovative transportation and traffic management solutions with urban infrastructure.

The following are examples of technologies that could be tested at the sites: CAVs for passenger or delivery purposes; snow plows and mowers; innovative pavement materials or lane markings; electric vehicle charging; accessibility solutions for people with disabilities; innovative methods for protecting vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrian; and dynamic signage and traffic signals. The project will bring in large partners to provide 5G wireless services and leading-edge computing infrastructure and technology support.

Cross-Border Mobility

Recognizing the economic impact of cross-border activity, the Technology Pilot Zone in the Windsor and Sarnia area is focused on solutions to facilitate the safe and efficient flow of people and goods across borders. Supported by the province’s existing partnership with the State of Michigan, Ontario SMEs can pilot pioneering, multi-modal transportation solutions.

The following are examples of technologies that could be tested at the sites: commercial drones; electronic filing of credentials/reporting; automated authentication of vehicles, cargo and personnel; dangerous goods tracking; readily accessible current/predictive travel conditions information; coordination and dissemination of real-time traveller information; and increasing the efficiency of international crossings and other tolled facilities. The site will have an ancillary benefit of serving as a regulatory “sandbox” that will enable governments to work on challenging regulatory issues proactively before emergent technologies force governments into reactive regulations.

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Piloting Technology

OVIN will support companies with technologies at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 7-9. By piloting technologies, companies can get one step closer to bringing their technologies to market, which will support the adoption and integration of their innovations into the broader supply chain.

Data Governance

Guided by a data governance framework, OVIN will steward data generated within piloting environments and create mechanisms for sharing and applying insights in support of automotive and mobility innovation.

Collaborations and Partnerships ​

OVIN will facilitate engagement with industry partners and other collaborators, providing participating SMEs with access to partnership opportunities for further scaling-up and integrating their solutions into the broader mobility supply chain.


For Ontario SMEs

  • Access real-world environments for deploying and integrating emerging mobility technologies.
  • Access strategic partnership opportunities for collaborative piloting activities.
  • Respond to the evolving needs of the automotive and mobility sector.
  • Commercialize Ontario-made innovation.
  • Lead the adoption of advanced automotive and smart mobility solutions.

For society

  • Accelerate the shift to safer, cleaner, and more efficient transportation solutions, including connected, autonomous, and electric vehicles.
  • Enhance Canada’s economy through job creation in the growing automotive and mobility sector.
  • Support Canada’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2050.

How Co-Investment Works

The OVIN Technology Pilot Zones program is funded by the Government of Canada through FedDev Ontario. Eligible SMEs can access the program and receive up to $100,000 in funding over a maximum period of 24 months. All funds must be matched by a 1:1 industry contribution.

Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

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