Demonstration Zone

The OVIN Demonstration Zone supports Ontario SMEs in demonstrating and showcasing advanced automotive and smart mobility technologies and solutions, including connected, autonomous, shared and integrated mobility, robotics and electric vehicle solutions.

Bridging Automotive and Real-World Impact

As Ontario’s flagship initiative for the future of automotive and mobility, OVIN is helping Ontario SMEs bring next-generation innovations closer to market – technologies that can improve quality of life and generate new economic opportunities.

A Tradition of North American Leadership

Deployed across the Regional Municipality of York – home to Canada’s largest independent automotive parts and electronics manufacturing hub – the OVIN Demonstration Zone is a testament to Ontario’s time-tested leadership in transformative technologies, automotive manufacturing, and transportation and infrastructure systems across North America. By leveraging Ontario’s strengths, capabilities, and resources, Ontario will accelerate the commercialization and adoption of more competitive and sustainable mobility options, strengthen the province’s position across the automotive value chain, and support talent development.

Advancing Automotive Innovations in Real-World Urban Environments 

With dedicated sites in Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Markham Centre, Ontario SMEs will be able to integrate their automotive and mobility technologies in urban environments using digital and physical infrastructure to solve real-world transportation and mobility challenges and provide the public with an opportunity to learn about and experience these advanced technologies. 

Fostering Collaboration for Success

Recognizing that collaboration is a primary driver of automotive and mobility innovation, the OVIN Demonstration Zone links SMEs to potential customers and strategic partners, helping to bring their innovative technologies one step closer to market. Furthermore, the Demonstration Zone fosters open collaboration and accelerates the development of leading-edge technologies by supporting the engagement of SMEs with key partners including MNEs, academic institutions, municipalities, and government. 

Programs and Services

The OVIN Demonstration Zone focuses on key technologies and solutions, including

  • Connected and autonomous vehicle technologies, such as testing autonomous shuttle(s) and technologies that integrate with their systems. 
  • Service or goods movement robots, including testing delivery of municipal service robots or goods delivery robots. 
  • Smart traffic, smart intersection and smart city solutions, such testing new software and traffic control signaling to promote greater pedestrian, cyclist safety, and traffic flow. 
  • Testing and demonstration of first mile, last mile, and transit solutions aiming to solve urban transportation challenges. 
  • Demonstration of new and innovative charging solutions and infrastructure to promote electrification. 

The OVIN Demonstration Zone leverages physical and digital infrastructure, including

  • Streetlights and smart control systems
  • Traffic signals and signage
  • Roadways, cycle tracks, curbs, and bridges
  • Sidewalks, trails, multi-use paths, parks and culverts
  • Private paved areas including private surface parking lots and underground parking
  • City facilities, including fire stations, community centres, and libraries
  • Electric charging stations
  • Electric vehicles and fleets
  • 5G network

In addition to technology integration and demonstrations, the OVIN Demonstration Zone provides support for OVIN SMEs, including

  • Access to support services including training and mentorship opportunities
  • Connection points to local accelerators/incubators
  • Access to entrepreneurship training and business advisory support programs
  • Access to co-working and office space options
  • Facilitating introductions to potential customers and/or partners across Ontario, including auto manufacturers in Vaughan, Markham, and the broader York Region
  • Support for foreign business delegations and other economic development initiatives

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Do you have an automotive or smart mobility technology or solution? The OVIN Demonstration Zone is designed to support Ontario SMEs in bringing their innovations to the next stage of commercialization. Learn how you can demonstrate your leading-edge technology today.