Demonstration Zone – Call for Applications

Person driving car with city in the background. Person is pointing to high-tech interface on the console.

Important Dates

December 20, 2022: Deadline for Applications

Spring 2023: Application Decision

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Call for Application

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, OVIN seeks applications from interested parties to form the new Demonstration Zone.


The Applicant must be one of more provider(s) of publicly funded organization(s), such as established Regional Innovation Centres, Economic Development Corporations, accredited academic institutions, or industry associations. Applications must be operating in Ontario with a successful track record supporting advanced automotive technologies and the smart mobility innovation economy.

Partners may include a consortium of not-for-profits including sites in multiple locations across Ontario to form the Demonstration Zone (DZ). Consortium models are encouraged, however there should be one Lead Applicant organization who will lead and coordinate all DZ activities.

Organizations already in receipt of OVIN funding (e.g., RTDS site partners in receipt of funds) are ineligible to be a DZ Applicant but can be partners. 

Scope of Work

At the Demonstration Zone, advanced automotive technologies and smart mobility solutions (connected, autonomous and electric) should be showcased through their integration into relevant platforms (e.g., such as, but not limited to, C/AVs which are open to software applications and hardware drivers that determine vehicle performance). Some examples of these technologies include:

  • Connected Vehicles:
    • V2V and V2X communications
    • Navigation systems
    • Infotainment systems
    • Telematics
    • Cloud computing and data analytics
    • Cybersecurity
  • Autonomous Vehicles:
    • Perception (sensor data fusion)
    • Localization
    • Driver assistance systems
    • Human-Machine interface
    • Safety
    • A.I. powered operation systems
  • Shared – Multi-modal and Integrated Mobility:
    • Ride sharing and car sharing
    • Parking and mobility optimization solutions
    • First and last mile solutions
    • Fleet management
  • Electrified – Zero-Emission Vehicles:
    • Plug-in hybrid and battery EVs
    • Hydrogen fuel cell EVs
    • Electric powertrain
    • Critical minerals
    • BEV supply chain

Some examples of integrated demonstrations include:

  • Vehicles (i.e., C/AVs which are open to software applications and hardware drivers that determine vehicle performance) in live scenarios, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (e.g., Ontario’s AV Pilot Program).
  • Infrastructure innovations for technology demonstrations of intelligent transportation systems (“ITS”)
  • Demonstration of technologies, infrastructure and operating models related to electric vehicles (EV) and battery technologies

The Demonstration Zone will be a key hub of commercial activities, especially for start-ups and SMEs that may not otherwise have the resources to demonstrate or promote their technologies to potential customers. The DZ will facilitate functional demonstrations of made-in-Ontario technologies in an operational environment. It will provide customer facing marketing events as well as inbound business development engagements with industry decision makers for participant companies.

The Demonstration Zone will provide Ontario SMEs with a platform, both technological and promotional, to showcase their technologies to current and/or potential customers.

Application Process & Evaluation Criteria

The application template is available upon request from the Sector Manager.

Your application must be submitted through email to by December 20, 2022. Please include “DZ Business Plan” in the subject line.


John George

Sector Manager, Automotive and Mobility Innovation


Shane Daly

Program Portfolio Manager, Automotive and Mobility Innovation